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Welcome to Geek Ideas, a probably one-off thing where I talk about ways in which a series can be redone for the better! Since I’ve heard and seen so many bad things about the Ratchet and Clank 2016 game/movie, I’ve taken a closer look at the R&C games, uh, heh, without playing them. And predictably, thanks to the unfulfilled potential of the first (2002) game I’m reimagining R&C according to my preferences. Hopefully this spewage of ideas won’t be long.
The two main characters in R&C1 is what most grabs my attention. (Their portrayal in the other games I couldn’t care less about really.) And then the series’ weapons are pretty neat. Though I was expecting more of a focus on tactical gameplay, as heavy on long-range combat as the series is. I was also expecting more… thematic consistency I guess? Such that if I were a video game developer I’d want all the elements (plot, characters, gameplay, etc.) of an R&C gam
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Mulan and Feminism
A piece on the issue of feminism I feel is long overdue, and what better context than the classic feminist Disney film Mulan? A warning, however: I am writing against feminism, not for it (and about some other quandaries). Surprised?
When I was younger, it all seemed oh-so awesome. Women kicking butt along with the men and not having to be gauged by how well they take care of a family? Who could resist?
And besides, who wants to be a “damsel in distress” always in need of rescue by men, as seen countless times in popcorn blockbusters? I can tell you firsthand that my own ideas of feminism were angrily forged from such an overused and insulting plot device.
But I learned that real feminism is not so much about the dignity of women as it is a Marxist-communist ideology meant to propel women into the workplace alongside men so the state can gain a broader tax base and take over as parent for the children, indoctrinating the next generati
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Earthworm Jim: Rogue Annelid Extraordinaire
 War of the Worms!
Tinfoil-hatted farmers and urbanites agree: the US government is up to no good! Developing nuclear weapons, staging abductions of cows to blame on UFO-piloting spacemen from Mars – is there anything it won’t do?
…Say hello to the government’s top-secret military project, codenamed GREEN JEANS. It hardly has anything to do with fashionable pantwear, however. Let’s just say it involves hideously, painfully combining a human with an animal via beams of nuclear radiation, effectively making, what the ancient Greeks would call, a Chimera. (And you thought myths weren’t real!)
How did this nefarious scheme get concocted, and why? Well, our classified sources tell us that it began in the Oval Office, when the President of the United States was trying to think of a way to sell his image as the country’s protector so he could get reelected. Cabinet members, army generals
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Christian rap is a thing - I'm amazed. Repent and give your life to Jesus Christ.
Warn your family and friends, seek Jesus Christ, government blackout drills planned for November.
One-World Corporate Communist Government Machine

Batman: The Animated Series

Heart of Ice

They should have used more of the mysterious noir comic style of the show’s opening for the actual show.

Lightning strike! Luciferian Batman!…

“Surrounded by winter…” We’re getting poetic in here! The writers are trying to be Shakespeare (a.k.a. Francis Bacon).

…And we’re getting the cold puns already. Campiness and seriousness don’t usually mix too well.

“Gothcorp” A fitting corporate name in Gotham City.

Three seconds into his PA debut and Ferris Boyle already sounds like your typical heartless CEO douchebag villain. Too much slathering on the niceness; please learn how to be a better actor.

“Taking up video games, sir?” Alfred, already bringing on the snark.

Um, why would Gothcorp personnel be keeping parts that can be combined into a phallic cold ray? Maybe THEY’RE the actual bad guys, hmm Batman?

Okay so Gothcorp has “The People Company” slapped right below its logo; its deceptive ways are too obvious to be ignored.

I’m bothered by the fact that some characters have beady eyes and some don’t. This isn’t supposed to be Winnie the Pooh.

How does freezing a thing make it smashable?

Mr. Freeze’s suit has a giant bellybutton. Whatever intimidating presence he was meant to exude has quickly dissipated.

No Batman! Don’t participate in the cold puns! You’re too serious for that in this show!

Apparently whenever you say a biting line, blasting a freeze ray at someone right after the punctuation multiplies the epicness of said line.

Mr. Freeze, freezing one of your men at the legs while Batman is swooping OVER him does not a good shot make.

“Leave him.” Oh, so cold. (Get it?!)

Batman, playing the better man by saving a thug – who knew? And conveniently having a chemical dethawing tank in his lab – again, who knew?

It’s nice to see a more human, snot-dribbling side to the Bat. Good job directly telling us what’s happening next in the plot, Brucey.

You’re not even going to offer Bruce Wayne a tissue, Mr. Boyle? So much for being a people person. His eyes look as icy cold as the episode’s baddy. Wow he just said “wage slaves”? There’s no mistaking he’s the baddy behind the baddy.

“Humanitarian” is just another word for “the elite bamboozling the masses.” Bruce, you’re not supposed to be “ill” at rich philanthropists, after all you are one of them.

Mr. Freeze, your wife’s in cold stasis – she wouldn’t be able to hear pretty words anyway. (Sorry, I know, I’m just messing around.)

“Chicken soup, the only way to fight a cold.” Alfred you could be either a good copywriter or a good mom.

One can never be a proper master of disguise unless he dyes all his hair blond, even his eyebrows. (Lying to a security guard does not paint our hero in a very righteous light, btw.)

“Fries” A tasty-looking last name, to be frank. If only it were pronounced the same as the food.

A convenient video tape! Wait, Mr. French Fries is trying to discover human immortality? That’s a big leap from just wanting to save his wife. Anyway good luck with that, Victor.

Masonic checkerboard floor tiles means the Illuminati is interested in Victor’s immortality research.

What the heck is Gothcorp doing with cryogenic-friendly equipment? What products do they manufacture? Hello?

Boyle: “We can talk.” Then kicks the poor guy into cryogenic chemicals. Wicked evil, man.

Victor’s chilled trembling voice makes me giggle for the reason it’s supposed to be sad but comes out goofy.

Batman, don’t take God’s name in vain.

More poetry punctuated by epic freeze laser blasting.

Oh no, Batman hanging fittingly upside down in a cave?! Where is that cave supposed to be, anyway? Is there a Fantastic Caverns in Gotham?

Killing other people besides your enemy does kind of sound like an unnecessary evil.

Mr. Freeze, beatnik poet extraordinaire. I’m sorry but you’re making me laugh again.

“Keys?” And Eskimo-dressed baddies. For an episode this dark, it sure has a lot of corny humor.

Something tells me Mr. Freeze isn’t really out for revenge; he’s just butthurt that no one invited him to the party. Ice-olated.

“I beg you!” Surely Boyle could have said a sleazier line than that. Mr. Freeze please stop showing off with all the beatnik poetry. And stop with the exposition if I’m going to take you more seriously than a standard cheesy comic book villain.

Thwarted by chicken soup? Now I know I can’t take this seriously anymore.

“Goodnight, humanitarian.” Batman haven’t you ever heard of forgive and forget?

No more poetry for you Victor – it does NOT make you sound manly! How would your wife react if she heard you talking with that mouth?

Well, that was a straightforward episode. Pretty good if not for the comic book-level corn.


Wait, it got an Emmy?


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